ThinkSystem Rack Servers

Lenovo rack servers deliver high value with a small, organized footprint. These servers are easily expandable and scalable, while able to handle most data center workloads. Our rack servers are ideal for medium to large businesses that are preparing to scale and need to meet mission-critical demands. The vast memory and storage capacity should be more than enough for your business needs.
Rack servers are highly agile by design, providing the modern enterprise with capabilities that allow network storage support for dedicated server (network), DNS server, or even GPU-rich server configurations.

ThinkSystem SR655 Rack Server

ThinkSystem SR655 is a 2U/1P rack server optimized for GPU-intensive and software-defined workloads


ThinkSystem SR645 Rack Server

A 2S/1U rack server powered by two AMD EPYC™ 7003 series CPUs.


ThinkSystem SR665 Rack Server

A 2P/2U rack server powered by dual AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series CPUs.

ThinkSystem SR250 V2 Rack Server

The ideal single-socket 1U rack server for growing businesses offering power, reliability, and flexibility for space constrained installations.

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