Why Choose VMware HCI in Egypt ?

VMware HCI, or VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, is a solution that combines compute, storage, and networking resources into a single software-defined platform.

Enterprise Tested, Enterprise Approved

Embrace the power of VMware HCI, the ultimate choice for top-tier compute, storage, and network virtualization technologies, seamlessly integrated with comprehensive management features. In the global landscape of HCI, VMware stands as a trusted leader, commanding a proven track record that countless customers around the world rely on.

Opting for VMware means unlocking a comprehensive hyperconverged infrastructure stack, finely tuned for excellence, and primed for your unique requirements. One of the most remarkable aspects of VMware HCI is its adaptability – it seamlessly extends to the realm of public cloud environments, fostering a harmonious marriage of on-premises and cloud resources. This innovative hybrid cloud integration opens doors to unparalleled flexibility, empowering you to effortlessly meet the ever-evolving demands of modern applications.

Imagine an infrastructure that not only meets the cutting-edge standards but propels you beyond them. VMware HCI embodies this vision by offering a potent blend of high-performance capabilities and simplified management. This amalgamation paves the way for organizations to conquer new horizons, scaling their operations with ease while maintaining peak efficiency.

Navigating the complex landscape of infrastructure is no longer a challenge when VMware HCI is at your side. From its inception, it’s been designed to excel, to simplify, and to empower. If you’re in search of a robust, flexible, and future-proof solution, VMware HCI is more than just an option; it’s a strategic investment that propels your organization towards unprecedented success.

Vmware HCI in Egypt


• #1 in market share*

• 400K+ customers

• 80+% market share

• 85M+ total workloads


*Source: IDC Worldwide Software-defined Compute Software Market Shares 2019: Growth of Containers


• #1 HCI vendor*

• 30K+ customers

• 70% of Global 2000 served

• 500+ cloud partners


*Source: 1.IDC’s Q12021 Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, March 2022

Vmware HCI in Egypt
Vmware HCI in Egypt


• 18K+ customers*

• 91% of Fortune 100 served

• 8 of top 10 telcos served



*Source : NSX; data includes the entire VMware virtual cloud network portfolio


vRealize Cloud Management

• #1 in CMP market share*

• 40k+ customers

• 99% of Fortune 100 served


*Source: IDC, Worldwide IT Automation and Configuration Management Software Market Shares 2019: “Market Expands Ahead of Coronavirus Impact,” Doc # US46397520, June 2020

Vmware HCI in Egypt
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