Sophos Wireless | Sophos APX Series

Indoor models can also be managed on-premises via Sophos Firewall and UTM (SG).
The Sophos APX Series is a portfolio of access points with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac Wave 2) technology. They are custom-built for increased throughput at load and better performance and security.

APX Series – Product Benefits

  • Sophos Central only: Security Heartbeat™ ready to connect with other Sophos Central managed products* 
  • Significant performance improvement over legacy 802.11ac Wave 1 models 
  • Indoor models optimized for both wall- and ceiling-mount (diverse mounting kits available)
  • Outdoor model optionally available with external directional/sector antenna
  • Five-year warranty as standard; Advance Replacement RMA included

Indoor Models

APX 740: Our flagship 4×4:4 product for high-density, high-capacity environments 
APX 530: High-performance 3×3:3 access point for typical office environments of all sizes 
APX 320: 2×2:2 access point, dual 5 GHz capable, ideal in high-density school environments or small retail scenarios
APX 120: Entry-level 2×2:2 access point for budget-sensitive projects with basic connectivity requirements 

Outdoor Model

APX 320X: 2×2:2 IP67 rated access point for outdoor and exposed areas; directional/sector antenna options available.

APX 120

Basic wireless, low density, e.g. small retail

APX 320

All-purpose, medium density, higher in dual 5 GHz mode, e.g. education

APX 530

General purpose, medium to high density, e.g. standard mid-sized office

APX 320X

Outdoor or exposed areas, medium density.

APX 740

High performance, high density, e.g. cloud-heavy environments

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