Structured cabling providing industry-leading bandwidth, power and intelligence ​


You expect connectivity everywhere, and our structured cabling provides the bandwidth and power needed to make technologies like 5G, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6E possible.


The need for bandwidth within the network continues to increase. Our copper and fiber structured cabling supports everything you need to give you an infrastructure that is ready for future applications.


Power consumption is rising as PoE devices become more prevalent. Structured cabling supports applications up to 100 watts at 100 meters and provides unique solutions beyond the standards.

Network Convergence

IT and OT applications are converging onto structured cabling. Whether the connection is in the wall or in the ceiling, or you are concerned with power or bandwidth, we have a solution.

Product categories


Copper Structured Cabling​

Copper cabling solutions that can handle all your connectivity needs, from Wi-Fi to NBase-T to multigig ethernet and beyond.


Fiber Structured Cabling

High speed migration platform and ultra-low loss fiber performance enables longer reach and more connections.


Automated Infrastructure Management System

Delivering a holistic view of your network and its connectivity in real-time. Our intelligent software combined with network controllers and accessories allow you to locate and identify your equipment and ports as well as track any network changes.

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