Mission-critical storage at scale.


Get performance, scale, high availability, and advanced data services for all mission-critical applications with VMAX All Flash storage. Engineered to optimize flash drive technology, VMAX All Flash is built to take on all your modern data center challenges.

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A starting point for the family, the VMAX 250F is ideally suited for customers with modest capacity requirements who still want to take advantage of the enterprise capabilities of VMAX All Flash.

  • Reliable performance of over 1 million IOPS
  • Scales up to 1 PB effective flash capacity
  • Scales out to 2 V-Bricks
  • Advanced data services and multi-controller architecture



With performance of up to 6.7 million IOPS, the VMAX 950F is ideal for the modern data center with mission-critical availability, rich data services, and consolidation of mixed workloads.

  • Designed for leading performance up to 6.7 million IOPS, 150 GB/s bandwidth
  • Scales up to 4 PB effective flash capacity
  • Scales out to 8 V-Bricks
  • High performance to support massive workload consolidation

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