File Storage

Discover HPE best file storage solutions to meet storage requirements for NAS and file-based storage. Explore and buy HPE’s best file storage products online.

HPE Storage File Controller

HPE Storage File Controllers

Want to get more out of your array or SAN investment? Do you have unallocated capacity you want to use for file shares or services? With HPE Storage File Controllers enabling efficient and highly available file shares using your HPE 3PAR, HPE Nimble, or MSA array capacity, you can get a greater return on your storage investment by enabling more use cases and supporting thousands of concurrent clients. HPE Storage File Controllers are flexible, cluster-ready gateways for enabling file services in SAN environments, and are ideal for diverse user-generated file and application data where scalability and tight Microsoft ecosystem integration are key. Through independently scalable file gateways with up to 8 nodes per cluster and flexible configuration options, the HPE Storage File Controllers offer enterprise-grade capabilities like transparent failovers, cross-protocol support, and non-disruptive maintenance, you can provide users and applications with a robust solution for file serving.

HPE Storage File Controller

HPE Parallel File System Storage

Are you frustrated with the architectural and economical limitations of your current high-performance file storage?
HPE Parallel File System Storage is cost-effective, parallel storage for your high-performance simulation, AI, and data analytics environments running on HPE Apollo systems.
HPE Parallel File System Storage provides multiples of performance and namespace scalability, as compared to standard scale-out NAS storage, to increase the utilization of your compute nodes by removing I/O bottlenecks while enabling cost savings through storage island consolidation in a unified, high-performance namespace.

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