Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Switches

Secure your network from the inside out

Experience the dream team: Cisco’s industry-leading security portfolio plus Talos threat intelligence, Encrypted Traffic Analytics, trustworthy solutions, and MACsec encryption.

Make it highly resilient

Make your network resilient with exceptional MTBF and high-availability features such as ISSU, GIR, and hot patching.

Gain faster access with a faster core

Catalyst 9600 Series Switches are twice as fast and offer twice the capacity of traditional switches.

Set up your network your way

Seamlessly integrate with full-stack programmability from ASIC to OS. Enable future features without hardware upgrades, and create exceptional user experiences with the Cisco Catalyst Center platform. 

Modular switches for every network


6-slot modular chassis

C9606R. Modular core for resilience at scale, plus comprehensive security. 25.6-Tbps switching capacity, 6.4 Tbps per slot supporting 400G to 10G multigigabit. 

Supervisor engines

6.4 Tbps/slot supervisor, 400G QSFP-DD

C9600X-SUP-2. Made for secure and highly available, high-speed campus core deployments. Based on Cisco Silicone One Q200 ASIC, supports up to 6.4 Tbps per slot, up to 400G QSFP-DD, and 50G SFP56.

2.4 Tbps/slot supervisor, 100G/25G

C9600-SUP-1. Designed to reimagine connections, reinforce security, and redefine the hybrid workplace. Based on Cisco UADP 3.0 ASIC, supports up to 2.4 Tbps per slot, up to 100G QSFP28, and 25G SFP28.

Catalyst 9600X fiber line cards

30-port 100G/40G QSFP28 with 400G/200G/100G QSFP-DD fiber

C9600X-LC-32CD. High-density fiber line cards for campus core. 30-port 100G/40G (QSFP28) and 2-port 400G/200G/100G (QSFP-DD). Up to 128 ports, non-blocking. C9600X-SUP-2 only.

40-port 50G/25G/10G SFP56 with 400G QSFP-DD, 200G QSFP56 fiber

C9600-LC-40YL4CD. High-density fiber line cards for campus core and distribution. 40-port 50G/25G/10G (SFP56) and 2-port 400G (QSFP-DD) and 2-port 200G (QSFP56) with C9600X-SUP-2. 40-port 25G/10G (SFP28) and 2-port 100G/40G (QSFP28) with C9600-SUP-1.

Catalyst 9600 line cards

24-port 100G/40G QSFP56 fiber

C9600-LC-24C. Higher density fiber line cards for evolving campus core. 24-port 100G/40G (QSFP28) with C9600X-SUP-2. 24-port 40G (QSFP+) or 12-port 100G (QSFP28) with C9600-SUP-1.

48-port 50G/25G/10G SFP56 fiber

C9600-LC-48YL. High-density 50G/25G fiber line cards for campus core and distribution. 48-port 50G/25G/10G (SFP56) with C9600X-SUP-2. 48-port 25G/10G/1G (SFP56) with C9600-SUP-1.

48-port 10G multigigabit copper

C9600-LC-48TX. High-density copper line cards for campus distribution. Built for secure Wi-Fi 6/6E high-speed access. 48-port 10G with C9600X-SUP-2. 48-port 10G/5G/2.5G/1G multigigabit with C9600-SUP-1. 

48-port 1G SFP fiber

C9600-LC-48S. High-density 1G (SFP) fiber line cards for campus distribution. C9600-SUP-1 only.

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