Aruba CX 6300 Switch Series

This modern, flexible, and intelligent stackable switch series is ideal for enterprise network access, aggregation, core, and data center top of rack (ToR) deployments.

Versatile switches ready for cloud, mobile, and IoT

Created for game-changing operational efficiency with built-in security and resiliency, the CX 6300 switches provide the foundation for high-performance networks.

Layer 3 switching

Stackable switches with BGP, EVPN, VXLAN, VRF, and OSPF with robust security and QoS.

Scalable, always on performance

High-performance 880 Gbps system switching capacity, 660 MPPS of system throughput, and redundant, hot swappable power supplies and fans.

Speed and power for users and IoT

Convenient built-in wire speed 10/25/50GbE uplinks, high-density SFP+, and choice of HPE Smart Rate multi-gig with 90W PoE on every port.

Scalable growth made simple

Aruba Virtual Stacking Framework (VSF) allows for stacking of up to 10 switches, providing scale and simplified management.

Top-of-rack solution

Power-to-port switch bundle with back-to-front airflow, ideal for data center 1GbE ToR and OOBM deployments.

Flexible management

The fully programmable CX 6300 series supports a choice of management including cloud-based and on-prem Central, CLI, switch Web GUI, and programmability with AOS-CX operating system and REST APIs.


Aruba CX 6300M 24p HPE Smart Rate 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Class 6 PoE and 2p 50G and 2p 25G Switch (R8S89A)


Aruba CX 6300M 48p HPE Smart Rate 1G/2.5G/5G Class 8 PoE and 2p 50G and 2p 25G Switch (R8S90A)


Aruba CX 6300M 12p Class 8 PoE and 36p Class 6 PoE HPE Smart Rate 1G/2.5G/5G and 2p 50G and 2p 10G Switch (R8S91A)


Aruba CX 6300M 24p SFP+ LRM support and 2p 50G and 2p 25G MACSec Switch (R8S92A)


Aruba CX 6300M 24-port SFP+ and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL658A)


Aruba CX 6300M 48-port HPE Smart Rate 1/2.5/5GbE Class 6 PoE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL659A)


Aruba CX 6300M 24-port HPE Smart Rate 1/2.5/5GbE Class 6 PoE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL660A)


Aruba CX 6300M 48-port 1GbE Class 4 PoE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL661A)


Aruba CX 6300M 24-port 1GbE Class 4 PoE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL662A)


Aruba CX 6300M 48-port 1GbE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL663A)


Aruba CX 6300M 24-port 1GbE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL664A)


Aruba CX 6300M 48-port 1GbE and 4-port SFP56 Power-to-Port 2 Fan Trays 1 PSU Bundle (JL762A)


Aruba CX 6300F 48-port 1GbE Class 4 PoE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL665A)


Aruba CX 6300F 24-port 1GbE Class 4 PoE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL666A)


Aruba CX 6300F 48-port 1GbE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL667A)


Aruba CX 6300F 24-port 1GbE and 4-port SFP56 Switch (JL668A)

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