Aruba CX 6100 Switch Series

Entry-level access switches ideal for branch offices, mid-market enterprises, and SMB networks looking for reliable and convenient access.

Entry-level, reliable, and secure wired access

These access switches provide the performance, security, and simplicity that you need, making them ideal for branch offices, mid-market enterprises, and SMB networks.

Enterprise-class layer 2 connectivity

This high performance Layer 2 switch with support for ACLs, robust QoS, static routing, and IPv6 is ready to power your access layer.

PoE and High Speed Uplinks

Convenient built-in 1/10GbE uplinks and up to 370W of Class 4 PoE for support of IoT devices and wireless access points.

Management flexibility

The fully programmable CX 6100 series supports a choice of management, including cloud-based and on-prem Central*, CLI, switch Web GUI, and programmability with AOS-CX operating system and REST APIs.

Quiet and compact 12 port

This fanless 12-port model has four high-speed uplinks, and 139W of PoE to power access points and IoT devices.


Aruba 6100 48G Class4 PoE 4SFP 740W Switch (R9Y04A)


Aruba 6100 48G Class4 PoE 4SFP+ 370W Switch (JL675A)


Aruba 6100 48G 4SFP+ Switch (JL676A)


Aruba 6100 24G Class4 PoE 4SFP+ 370W Switch (JL677A)


Aruba 6100 24G 4SFP+ Switch (JL678A)


Aruba 6100 12G Class4 PoE 2G/2SFP+ 139W Switch (JL679A)

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